7 Things You Must Have From a Web Hosting Service

Your website is your connection to the world.  Without it orders stop, customers can’t find you and move on to the competition and business grinds to a halt.  Are you putting your business at risk by not demanding these seven must-have services from your current hosting partner?

  1. Load balancing – having content servers throughout the world let’s your website load faster since there is always a server close by.
  2. Caching – properly configured and used, caching can greatly speed up the load time of your website.
  3. Traffic Spike protection – So you finally have a blog post or video that’s gone viral! Congratulations you’ve achieved your marketing goal and the money is about to flood in.  To bad your website can’t handle all that traffic and everyone is just getting an error message instead.  Make sure your web hosting service can help you adjust to unexpected spikes in your traffic.
  4. DDOS Protection – Direct Denial of Service is the biggest threat to your website.  Basically it’s when the bad guys flood your website with so much bogus traffic it shuts it down. Is your web hosting partner able to help you defend against this attack?
  5. Downtime Protection – If your web server goes offline will your website still stay up?
  6. Threat blocking – The bad guys can’t hurt you if they can’t get to you.  Does your web hosting service automatically block malicious threats before they reach your website?
  7. SPAM blocking – Ever seen a SPAM message in the comments section of your blog?  Someone is trying to hijack your site to sell their services.  That’s just not fair.  Can your web hosting partner help with that?

Ask your current web hosting provider these very important questions and if they reply no to even one, it’s time to look for a new web hosting service.  If your web hosting provider can’t take proper care of your website we will be glad to help.  Blough Tech’s hosting solution provides all of the above solutions along with even more. For a free website evaluation, contact Blough Tech at 229-377-8825 or email us at [email protected].