Protecting Patient Records Requires More Than Just a Password. Why You Need Email Encryption

Forget HIPAA for a minute.  If you’re in the healthcare industry, you’re probably sick of the dire warnings about fines that could put your practice out of business- and cost you your job.  

But for just a minute, forget about all that. 

Feel better yet?  Okay, now brace yourself for the next assault.  It’s called The Health information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act and like all good government programs, it has its own acronym: HITECH.

What HITECH basically says is that all protected health information (PHI) has to be rendered unreadable and unusable, especially when being transmitted. And just like HIPPA, this new law has some nasty consequences for violating the rules protecting patient’s privacy with fines up to $1.2 million. 

Not only could your healthcare practice be slapped with a huge fine but imagine the bad PR that could be heaped upon you.  That calm you experienced a moment ago is beginning to fade, isn’t it?

Take another deep breath.  There is a solution that will help you avoid getting into hot water over this new security requirement.  It’s called email encryption and here’s how it works.

There are several email encryption services available but the one we suggest is called Zix which has tens of millions of users. 

If you are not encrypting your email, you should not wait another day to get started.  Click HERE to receive a FREE HIPAA Assessment and recommendations for incorporating encryption into your protocol.

You can breathe now.  It’s going to be okay.