What’s the Difference Between Traditional Computer Support and Blough Tech?

Traditional computer support trades time for money.  The more time they get to bill you the more money they get to make.  There are a couple of problems with this model.  The support company is incentivized to spend as much time as possible to fix a problem so they can create as big of a bill as possible.  They are also not motivated to permanently fix the problem so that they can return again and again to fix the same issue, each time generating a new bill.  Furthermore, since every minute the support company is at your business, it is costing you money, you are encouraged to get them out as soon as possible–even if the problem is not really fixed–to try and avoid those big bills.  This leads to a lot of patching of issues but few permanent fixes that would keep the problem from reoccurring. Also, you end up reluctant to call for support in the first place and will wait until a small problem becomes a big one to avoid getting a bill.  Often many problems will have to pile up before you feel you can justify a support call. This leads to loss of productivity due to poor performing computers and wasted internal time as you or your team try to fix your own problems and that wasted time costs money – lots of money.  It’s not just their salary it’s the value of their time. If they can produce $150 or more of revenue per hour, that’s what you are losing not just the $30 that you pay them. That’s expensive. When you finally do call, you are probably angry and very frustrated.  This kind of adversarial relationship isn’t healthy for anyone. You and your computer support provider start out at odds and it only gets worse from there.  And forget about trying to do any proactive support to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.  Due to the loss of trust in this adversarial relationship and the opposition of interests due to the fear of large bills, no one is going to be able to take the required time and steps to assure you have a smooth running and highly-productive, stress-free computer system. Everyone loses. 

Blough Tech’s model flips this upside down. It puts all the pressure on us as the IT professionals, not on you as the client.  For one fixed and agreed upon monthly fee, we take care of all your problems and we work very hard to prevent new problems from happening in the first place.  No matter how much time we have to spend taking care of your problems your bill doesn’t change.  This makes it easy to budget for IT expenses.  It also incentivizes us to do whatever it takes to solve a problem, so it doesn’t reoccur; and prevent problems in the first place, so we don’t have to spend time fixing them.  To do this we invest in cutting-edge systems, training and best practices that help us keep your IT systems up-and-running. We take care of the computers and you go back to focusing on your business.  

Blough Tech proactively takes care of issues before you even know about them.  Your people now feel free to call us when their problems are small and easy to fix, rather than waiting until they are serious and time consuming.  Everybody wins, and everybody stays happy!