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External Access Disclosure

To help our customers and keep our products running smoothly, Blough Tech works with third party vendors and service providers in order to make sure all of our clients’ systems are working as intended. The following providers have continuous access to Bloughtech environments: ConnectWise, Microsoft. Bloughtech monitors this access through their vendor due diligence process. Vendors receiving temporary access to internal or client systems will be tracked and disclosed to Bloughtech’s Customers through a standardized ticket.

Data Geolocation Disclosure

Bloughtech does not transfer data provided by Customers to external parties (contractors, vendors or service providers) unless those external parties provide the data the equivalent level of protection that Bloughtech provides. To ensure the external parties provide the appropriate level of protection, Bloughtech conducts regular due diligence in accordance with internal policies and procedures.

As a company operating strictly within the southeastern United States, Bloughtech will only use Delivery Centers located inside the continental USA.